Mission Statement

We will contribute to global environmental protection by supplying globally our eco-friendly material to as many customers as possible.

Management Vision

We will grow with GEST to be happy together while contributing to global environmental protection.

Our 9C Policies

  1. Company : Prioritize growth and happiness of employees at GEST
  2. Customer : Focus on providing customer satisfaction with product and service
  3. Community: Serve for the community by manufacturing eco-friendly products
  4. Cost : Manufacture with cost consciousness
  5. Communication : Promote timely, smooth and open communications
  6. Confidence : Trust and confidence in oneself and for each other
  7. Compliance : Comply with laws and regulations
  8. Collaboration : Strong teamwork and mutual support
  9. Change : Welcome the change and address flexibly

Message from the President

We, as members of GEST family, will aim to grow with GEST and seek happiness, while globally supplying ecological materials for beverage cans and contributing to global environmental protection.